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GORENA is a Basque name (from the Pyrenees Mountains bordering France and Spain) and it's my understanding that it was originally "JuanGorena."   It seems that our ancestors came to Mexico via Chile and then to Texas where the Juan of JuanGorena was dropped from the surname and became a middle name.

The main reason for this page is for information gathering and to let other Gorena members know of the Private Edition of the Family Tree page.   That is, the Gorena family tree will be kept private and given only to Gorena Family Members - all GORENA relations.  Hopefully, we can work together and place everybody in the tree.

It is a project that takes time that I have little.   I do appreciate your participation in this information collection process.

If you are a descendent of the Gorena bloodline, then fill out the Information Form.  At this time the Private Edition is for Dionicio Juan Gorena (19061009) and his descendents.

Thank you,

John D. Gorena

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Gorena Coat of Arms
Gorena Coat of Arms

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